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Set a statement with a tiny piece of Art to adorn your outfit, with our range of enamel badges.  Pick the animal you feel most drawn to and take them with you, on all your adventures.  Each little character has been lovingly hand painted , featuring it’s own little story from the world of Badgers of Bohemia.   The badges come on a printed backing card and make a lovely and thoughtful gift for yourself or someone you love.


Loudly the honk of the bright toucan echoes across the valley of the jungle, bawk ba kawork ke, bright and shrill it sounds.  His yellow breast shines like the midday sun and his eyes gleam like emeralds, atop his head a feather crown sits.   he had asked the Tamarin Monkey to find him the most resplendent hat for this most special of evenings (of course monkey had been delighted and quickly trotted off to find him the most colourful hat he could).  Bawk ba kawork ke another call from toucans enormous and colourful beak.  The sun was almost setting but still toucan called out unwavering into the dusky sky. Then at last he heard it, the faint return to his call, was it just the wind? 


Toucan let out another honk louder and more clear than any he had made before. Silence.  Then when he had almost decided to give up it sounded again the return to his call, this time it was closer and most certainly not the wind!  His heart leaped at the sound and with great joy he began dancing upon his tree branch perch, his blue feet drumming his wings outstretched and swaying, all the while letting out his bawk ba kawork ke.  Well tonight was a very special night indeed and as the sunlight faded, and the face of the shimmering moon shone high in the sky,  she appeared with a ke kawork ba bawk.      

SKU: AB006

Each badge measures 25mm and sits on a presentation backing card.

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