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Timpani Hare


Happy & wild we are,

 amongst the poppies & barley, 

Where the fields of wild grasses meet

You’ll find me & timpani, jovial tunes & thumping feet,

 there’s always time for a frolic,

 with my waistcoat & a smile, by rivers, trees & hills,

the woodlands of the emerald isle my beat is merry

 and forever more I am here,

 merrily the hare

 I am.


Send a smile with our special greetings cards, each featuring one of our hand painted characters. The small musing above is also printed on the back of this card, a piece of poetry from the world of Badger of Bohemia.  They can be bought individually or as part of a collection.

SKU: GC002

Spinning , bouncing, jumping, swigging the dancing of merry feet, Hare beats and bangs as the woodland dances and sways.  Hare known as a rascal for his wild and playful nature by other peaceful and quiet loving creatures.  But now none can resist his energetic tune, for hare has learned the song of life.  The beat that pulses through all living things.  He is adorned with a dashing waistcoat fashioned from a handkerchief gifted to him by the swan queen.  This was during one of his outlandish quests to the north, he had left to find the of the largest of birds, the mysterious star eagle, so that he may also fly and see the world.  Many of the other animals tried to stop him of course  insisting nobody had ever seen a star eagle and if he should find one he would probably just get eaten. 

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