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The Swan Queen


I’ve played for them all,

In the courtyards, hills & fields

With the morning river dew, 

To the majestic strutting peacocks, 

Or the squirrels with their lutes.


The thoughtful Owls,

To the Bodrum Badgers

Strumming elegance and tone 

I’ll play harmonies of light & joy,

Lost amongst the notes of passing days.


But my place is not here my friends, i will soon be far away,

Gone are the bulrushes & waters edge

Another story, another day

My true love calls & spirits me away. 



Send a smile with our special greetings cards, each featuring one of our hand painted characters. The small musing above is also printed on the back of this card, a piece of poetry from the world of Badger of Bohemia.  They can be bought individually or as part of a collection.

SKU: GC003

Elegant and graceful a queen of pure white floats upon the lake of mirrors.   Formed from more than one hundred small pools, the still waters reflect and dance the sun's rays in a fractal water mirror that stretches to the horizon.  Upon nights of the full moon when the waters shine with the light of the moon. She plays her golden harp.  She knows the song of the wind, a song that dances with bullrushes and whispers in ripples.  She has many suitors who come to gaze at her beauty, enchanted they bring her gifts of embroidered handkerchiefs and woven garlands of grasses .  But the queen long ago gave her heart to the dancing wind so she plucks delicately the sweet tones and glides with wings of white upon the breath of the wind. 

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