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The Lemur's Sitar Velvet Cushion

The Lemur's Sitar Velvet Cushion


Adorn your space with our most luxurious cushion yet, made from a super soft short pile velvet with piping to match.  These cushions are super vibrant and gorgeous to snuggle up to.


Make a statement in your space and take home one of our gorgeous creatures where they will sit proudly stunning visitors. 




Our Lemur's story - 


There he sits nestled in the leaves of the great jungle, he plays intricate and delicate tunes which pour from his clever fingers.

Lemur is known by all the animals to be wise, gentle-hearted and with a twinkle in his eye. They often visit him, sometimes to listen to his magical tunes, other times seek his advice, it is noted by the animals however that he seems to never sleep and instead can be found moon gazing over the vast lake of Saturnalia.


When he was younger he had visited the glittering stalagmite & stalactite caves far to the east, he told the enchanted animals that they shone like a thousand stars that lit the darkness of the vast cave. 


Listening to his music feels like being embraced by a warm summer's breeze which is sweet against the cheeks. Even the beautiful Ocelot would sometimes creep out of her banyan tree sleeping nook to listen to the old wise Lemur play.

Our art is printed onto soft and luxurious (short pile) velvet, its gorgeous to stroke and snuggle up to.   This cushion is part of our brand new collection, we have newly designed them to be even more luxorious!   We send this cushion without an inner for ease of transport.  We recommend using a cushion inner one size larger to give a full plump look.   

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