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Hold up, we have a sample sale on!  This cushion is one of only a few ever made, so you can guarentee they are unique.  Made out of a beautifully soft velvet with bright and vibrant print.  This really will make a big statement in any room.  Please note - cushion inner not included.


Tamarin monkey, his golden Maine full and vibrant, energetically jumps through the top of the jungles canopy.  He is very proud of his newly grown Maine. Regularly stopping by the waters edge to admire it’s shine (and his wonderful choice of hat) in the waters glistening reflection.  He would give a big smile then leap off back to the canopy in search of the ripest most juicy fruits.  Occasionally he would discover Ocelot nestled in one of his favourite fruit trees and he would regale her with all the wonderful stories he had learned from the creatures gathered in the canopy top.  He even gifted her with his second favourite hat, however she often seemed drowsy and had a look of someone who floated in and out of the world.  But she did  always wear the gift monkey had shared with her, which made monkey very happy indeed.

Our art is printed onto soft and luxurious (short pile) velvet, its gorgeous to stroke and snuggle up to.   This cushion is part of our sample collection, meaning there is only a few of these in the whole world!   We send this cushion without an inner for ease of transport.  We recommend using a cushion inner one size larger to give a full plump look.   

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