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In our Ocean unseen, a mysterious, ancient and magical creature lives in shallows and also where the deep waves stream. Transforming shape, colour and texture, the enchanting intelligent family of Cephalopods from which the Octopus, Nautilus and Cuttlefish belong, beautiful, fascinating, creative and strange their lives are.


Optical Octopus has been handpainted in oil with interwoven patterns, geometry, observation and fun in mind. Bringing pattern, intrigue, richness and delight to any space.      

What's special about our wallpaper?

Well, our  luxury wallpapers come from certificated FSC sources, are printed using high-quality latex inks on a non-woven paper, what does this mean?

It means our papers are fade-proof, wipeable, environmentally friendly, thicker, and the colours are super bright and vibrant.  They are also much easier to hang than traditional papers due to their quality, strength and durability.

This wallpaper is hung by pasting the walls and not the paper, simple and so much less messy! Make sure to cut carefully using a sharp knife and with a metal wallpaper ruler.

IMPORTANT: We recommend Halls Beeline Vinyl Wallpaper Paste which is a lovely paste to work with, this can be purchased here. Please use the appropriate wallpaper paste that is suitable for vinyl papers, some pastes are chemical heavy & can damage the paper, so please be careful. Damage caused by paste cannot be refunded. We have detailed instructions of the best way to hang your new wallpaper on our wallpaper hanging page, click here.

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