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Ripen your eyes,

Your mind, 

Above & below,

A tangled Labyrinth moves, 

Evolved, exposed with balance, 

A primeval echo evolves


A living harmony, outwardly & otherworldly,

Ours to love in this spacetime,

encoded , a melody of species,

Fascinate, sweep charm & sing.


Climbing, leaping & flying,

Scale & scramble,

Inside this boscage

A rainbow universe awaits

Just bloom your senses to the rhythm,

We’re here with you.


Send a smile with our special greetings cards, each featuring one of our hand painted characters. The small musing above is also printed on the back of this card, a piece of poetry from the world of Badger of Bohemia.  They can be bought individually or as part of a collection.

SKU: GC005

She prowls through the trees, her fur glossy and sleek, her Green eyes absorbed in the magic of the day's iridescent setting sun.  It's rare for her to be seen for she often curls up in the nooks of large banyan trees, sleeping away most of the day and eve.  But the sun's final flourish on the world draws her out of her slumber.  ‘No two are ever the same , much like my lovely spots’ she purrs gazing at the horizon.  Just as the last rays fall away behind the distant mountains she sighs and crawls back to her hidden nook and dowses off dreaming of shimmering sunsets and pink clouds once again.

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