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Manta ray, one who can traverse an ocean, gliding on a huge winged body, her form

allowing her to fly through the water like birds in the sky.  Her body shines when the light touches, she is guided by the moon both in the seasonal changes of the tidal ocean and in her mating rituals.


Above her, a cowfish slowly swims by, a proud and tough little fish, he has an exoskeleton fused

together into a solid, triangular, box-like shape. This strong fish with horns similar to a cow is often quick to defend itself with its hard body. Overhead a Narwhal who’s a relative to our Beluga Whale floats by in the distance, whilst an array of amazing Jellyfish or Cnidaria pulse in the ocean current, below a Trumpetfish merrily making its way can also be spotted. This is a single droplet of Oceanus


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Stories are treasures, we can pluck them from thin air or we pass them from generation to generation,  sometimes they snowball rolling and gathering more and more with each new teller.  They hold the power to teach, inform, comfort, and inspire, but they also whisk the listener into a different world where the boundaries are only imagination itself.  We have written the stories with these thoughts in mind, they are for frivolity and fun, formed by the magical world we imagine when painting.  Why not let them snowball and tell your own bit of tale?  

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