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Set a statement with a tiny piece of Art to adorn your outfit, with our range of enamel badges.  Pick the animal you feel most drawn to and take them with you, on all your adventures.  Each little character has been lovingly hand painted , featuring it’s own little story from the world of Badgers of Bohemia.   The badges come on a printed backing card and make a lovely and thoughtful gift for yourself or someone you love.


Spinning , bouncing, jumping, swigging the dancing of merry feet, Hare beats and bangs as the woodland dances and sways.  Hare known as a rascal for his wild and playful nature by other peaceful and quiet loving creatures.  But now none can resist his energetic tune, for hare has learned the song of life.  The beat that pulses through all living things.  He is adorned with a dashing waistcoat fashioned from a handkerchief gifted to him by the swan queen.  This was during one of his outlandish quests to the north, he had left to find the of the largest of birds, the mysterious star eagle, so that he may also fly and see the world.  Many of the other animals tried to stop him of course  insisting nobody had ever seen a star eagle and if he should find one he would probably just get eaten. 

SKU: AB002

Each badge measures 25mm and sits on a presentation backing card.

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