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Oceanus Harmonica


Transcend into an ocean unseen,

Open our eyes to the galaxy of blue,

harmonious , deep, curios and everything,

Above yet below, plunging, cascading 

shades of rainbow colours descend

falling to become itself once again the ocean isness,

Illuminate our earthly harmonious dream.


Send a smile or keep it as a piece of mini art with our special Art Cards.  Each features one of our hand painted characters printed in stunning high gloss to give a beautiful interpretation of the original painting.

SKU: AC005

The ocean is balanced and here the Dumbo Octopus winged ears open & adrift deep in its world surrounded by the dark ocean.  The harmony of the Leopard Eel & the Cleaner Shrimp, sometimes he can be fierce, but now he enjoys the company of a cleaner shrimp and their reciprocal friendship.  Lotus Nudibranchs transparent flowering, open, delicate and gently moves across the ocean floor.  A moon covered night casts light down upon the great coral spawns that travel these seas, moving onwards and creating new life.  The Immortal Jellyfish Medusa (Turritopsis Dohrnii) so perfectly in tune with the water floats gently, pulsing, a symbol of immortality perhaps.  These incredible jellyfish are capable of returning to their young polyp state then back to jellyfish repeatedly, without predation, it would seem they are ever living.

This piece is a droplet from our ‘Oceanus Harmonica’ oil painted artwork which is symbolic of the perfectly tuned harmony within the ocean.

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