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The cuttlefish print is one of the droplets of Oceanus Harmonica, a lifeform that is very alien to our own and yet exists within our world.  From the family Cephalopoda Cuttlefish are Intelligent, graceful & wondrous to discover.  With an advanced cognition,  they flicker with iridescent colour, ever-changing like light glimmering on the water's surface. 


The eye of the cuttlefish has developed to perceive the polarization of light, allowing them to see the world in a way completely unknown to us.  The blood transports oxygen with copper instead of Iron making the blood green in colour. their blood green in colour, a truly magical and ancient creature.


Within the blue water of our painting, when you look closely you can see amongst the sea sponges and phytoplankton the chemistry blueprints of our oceans.

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Stories are treasures, we can pluck them from thin air or we pass them from generation to generation,  sometimes they snowball rolling and gathering more and more we with each new teller.  They hold the power to teach, inform, comfort, and inspire, but they also whisk the listener into a different world where the boundaries are only imagination itself.  We have written the stories with these thoughts in mind, they are for frivolity and fun, formed by the magical world we imagine when painting.  Why not let them snowball and tell your own bit of tale?   

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