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Hold up, we have a sample sale on!  This cushion is one of only a few ever made, so you can guarentee they are unique.  Made out of a beautifully soft velvet with bright and vibrant print.  This really will make a big statement in any room.  Please note - cushion inner not included.


Hum Dum, Hum Dum the beat echos through the undergrowth like a heartbeat from the soil.  Many small creatures have come to bathe in the deep melody.  Wise old Bodrum Badger knows the song of the earth and thumps out tunes he can feel as an intricate and beautiful song. To bathe in the sound is to feel the mud between your paws, to feel the great stability and nurturing as the earth as mother.  Here Bodrum Badger who traveled across the great oceans in his younger years plays in the brambles on evenings where the clouds are the shade of dusky pink.  The bramble patch sits a little way from Badgers deep burrow nestled beneath a great oak tree.  Incidentally that wise old oak dances along to Badger on these evenings with a shake of her canopy crown.

Our art is printed onto soft and luxurious (short pile) velvet, its gorgeous to stroke and snuggle up to.   This cushion is part of our sample collection, meaning there is only a few of these in the whole world!   We send this cushion without an inner for ease of transport.  We recommend using a cushion inner one size larger to give a full plump look.   

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