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Hum Dum, Hum Dum the beat echos through the undergrowth like a heartbeat from the soil.  Many small creatures have come to bathe in the deep melody.  Wise old Bodrum Badger knows the song of the earth and thumps out tunes he can feel as an intricate and beautiful song. To bathe in the sound is to feel the mud between your paws, to feel the great stability and nurturing as the earth as mother.  Here Bodrum Badger who traveled across the great oceans in his younger years plays in the brambles on evenings where the clouds are the shade of dusky pink.  The bramble patch sits a little way from Badgers deep burrow nestled beneath a great oak tree.  Incidentally that wise old oak dances along to Badger on these evenings with a shake of her canopy crown.

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Stories are treasures, we can pluck them from thin air or we pass them from generation to generation,  sometimes they snowball rolling and gathering more and more with each new teller.  They hold the power to teach, inform, comfort, and inspire, but they also whisk the listener into a different world where the boundaries are only imagination itself.  We have written the stories with these thoughts in mind, they are for frivolity and fun, formed by the magical world we imagine when painting.  Why not let them snowball and tell your own bit of tale?  

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