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Oceanus Harmonica


Transcend into an ocean unseen,

Open our eyes to the galaxy of blue,

harmonious , deep, curios and everything,

Above yet below, plunging, cascading 

shades of rainbow colours descend

falling to become itself once again the ocean isness,

Illuminate our earthly harmonious dream.


Send a smile with our special greetings cards, each featuring one of our hand painted characters. The small musing above is also printed on the back of this card, a piece of poetry from the world of Badger of Bohemia.

SKU: GC011

Our friend the pure white beluga whale playfully splashes within a field of kelp,  he has a soft and gentle face, on a deep background of  azure blue.  Around him float the most precious of species, diatoms and microbes, a microscopic life that supports the entire ocean.  They also provide humans with the majority of the oxygen we breathe.  Truly a lifeform we are deeply connected to, and integral to the survival of this beautiful and symbiotic planet.

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