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Oceanus Harmonica


Transcend into an ocean unseen,

Open our eyes to the galaxy of blue,

harmonious , deep, curios and everything,

Above yet below, plunging, cascading 

shades of rainbow colours descend

falling to become itself once again the ocean isness,

Illuminate our earthly harmonious dream.


Send a smile with our special greetings cards, each featuring one of our hand painted characters. The small musing above is also printed on the back of this card, a piece of poetry from the world of Badger of Bohemia.  They can be bought individually or as part of a collection.

SKU: GC010

This droplet of Oceanus Harmonica has many hidden meanings, the arawana fish, also known as the dragon fish is said to be the symbol of luck.  Ribbons from its fins float with the pattern of the thermohaline circulation, a pattern of heat dispersal that spreads across all the words oceans.  It is integral for the survival of life within the ocean and on the land.  Underneath the dragon fish we see a brain coral, half of which is bleached, a dead zone caused by the change in the water, a faint haze around the coral symbolises the atmosphere of the earth, the thin veil that protects us against the vacuum of space.  Above we see an iceberg, the ice is melting due to the changing temperature of our climate.   No longer an issue we can ignore this droplet is one of dire importance, we wish to use art to talk about some of these important subjects, let us all work together towards a sustainable and healthier planet.       

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