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Chester Zoo, Wild Worlds festival  2018

ArtWork Title


Awakening, Life  & Disappearance

We were commissioned by the UK's leading conservation & environmental organisation Chester Zoo to create artworks for their wonderful Wild Worlds Festival, working alongside scientists, botanists, IUCN & using the zoos resources for research. We wanted our artworks narrative to bring home the incredible beauty, profound diversity and the little-known symbiosis of nature and draw attention to what exists & gently engage what is being 'lost' whist highlighting how important Chester Zoos conservation role is within this. 


The artwork titled 'Solutions' was a metaphor representing a day on Earth, Dawn was 'Awakening', Midday was 'Life' & Evening became 'Disappearance'. The artworks were initially going to be Henri Rousseau impressionistic strokes but instead became highly detailed oil painted artworks. Transforming the concepts directly onto 3 life-size sculptures of an African Black Rhino (Awakening),  an Assam Elephant (Life) & a 5.5m high  Rothschild Giraffe (Disappearance), an Assam Elephant (Life) alongside window displays, animal prayer flags, botanical gate designs & a Wild Worlds Festival banner. 

The 'Solutions' artwork transformed the zoos entrance space into an exciting area, creating a huge 'buzz' of excitement for the Zoos visitors, as well as being a fantastic photo opportunity, engaging and generating lots of comments, questions about the animals, their habitats & Chester Zoos important role and work in their species and habitat conservation. We were also asked by Chester Zoo to produce a successful range of products to accompany the Solutions artwork

For us as artists, drawing attention to our inextricable link to nature, its incredible beauty, diversity & our connection on this planet and the challenges faced, this was a magical project, covering & appealing to a wide-demographic. Our Solutions artworks proved to be immensely popular reaching almost 2million visitors, the highest ever recorded at Chester Zoo. It continues to be real privilege to work with such a fantastic organisation, alongside passionate individuals who understand the importance of their message.  

Oceanus Harmonica
Offshore: Artists Explore The Sea

mural fine oil painting 5m x 3m
Invisible dust, Hull: City of Culture 2017

We were commissioned by Invisible Dust as part of a major exhibition for the 2017 City of Culture. After meeting marine biologists, scientists, researching ancient cartographical maps through to latest IPCC reports & scientific works, we produced Oceanus Harmonica, a large, highly detailed oil painted mural 5m x 3m, which we also crafted a gilded frame to house this artwork. Oceanus Harmonica explores the deep connections humans have with the ocean, the mythologies that have guided & misguided us about the seas, our impact on the oceans ecosystems, the fine balance that exists from phytoplankton to oceanic thermal vents to prehistoric Coelacanths to us. 

Oceanus Harmonica was extremely popular, as the exhibition attracted 1million visitors, enabling viewers to questions about what they know about the ocean that covers our planet, our impact on ancient corals over 5000 years old, shark populations, nudibranches, zooplankton & phytoplanktons role is in the oceans harmony & how incredibly fragile it is. 

Oceanus Harmonica was part of the Offshore17 Exhibition and our work was shown alongside artworks by international artists John Akomfrah, Tacita Dean, Martin Parr, John Smith China Miéville, Marielle Neudecker, Rob Mackay & John Wedgewood-Clarke. 

*We are presently revisiting 'Oceanus' and we will be creating 'additional' artwork elements to accompany & extend its narrative, we aim to exhibit in the UK, Europe & Oceania when complete. 

Saturnalia wall mural, ICFF New York 2016   

'Saturnalia' 3.5m x 2.5m Oil Painting
Our initial foray into the idea of 'bringing nature & outdoors indoors' mural was a slightly whimsical interpretation of the ancient festival of light for the planet Saturn & the ancient winter solstice celebration.

Saturnalia is the first part of a triptych. Our first oil painted wall mural produced for ICFF, New York in 2016 and exhibited at ICFF & as part of May Design, London. We wanted to draw attention to some of the 'lesser-known' species, mix it up a bit and have some fun bringing in Lemurs with Sitars, Pangolins with Mandolins the idea really was create an engaging mural of beauty which would stop viewers, then to examine the work, we added lots of hidden elements to discover, hoping people to ask questions, in-turn 'turn on lights' about the animals, botanicals, their habitats and nature at large.   

Saturnalia has now become an internationally sold wall mural, adorning buildings, designers offices, homes & living spaces around the world and we hope generating engagement & discussion everywhere it goes.  

Badgers of bohemia, previous work

The following closer images are elements of our various oil painted Badgers of Bohemia creations.
In addition to these, our works have been used by Puma, Terry De Havilland, House of Hackney, at festivals, on various BBC programs, magazines Vogue, Guardian, Harpers Bizarre & Deco to name but a few.  

All works copyright badgers of bohemia limited 2019