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From our imaginations and observations, we lovingly transform our art into large scale installations, digital print designs, surface, and product creations. Our artworks are hand-painted: we use oil paints for their richness and beautiful vibrant tones, but we also love to experiment across various mediums. 


We believe in bold colour, playful characters, showing the flamboyance of life, its flow, its songs, bringing the majestic beauty of nature, story, and love. From these creations, we manufacture products using quality, sustainable, and carefully curated materials.  These can be for you to wear (wearable art) and for your home (wallpapers & murals) (fabrics). 


We are inspired by the world around us: from transcending landscapes with lush green mosses, to capturing the magical, ethereal nature of clouds & light. Stories of oceanic life, humans & myths, the graceful footsteps of an ocelot, the enchanting song of a blackbird, the bright watchful eyes of a monkey, the plight of the pangolin, highlighting climate & biodiversity issues, to learning the wondrous mysteries of our ocean. We’re all connected within this paradise, its myriad of life and forms on a planet we all call home. 


Each day we breathe in the wonderment that surrounds us. Our ethos we pursue with the hope, to learn, to connect us, to take a moment, to see and feel, to be creative, to inspire, to teach, and to help nurture a connection to the natural world.  With all its beauty, balance, and fragility.


This life, this world which we share is our ethos and our message. The calm beauty and changing brilliance, the science, the poetry, and the way in which the natural world has shaped us. We work with and learn from botanists, zoologists, scientists, marine biologists, archeologists, and technologists, wide-eyed we research, absorb, look & feel with infinite awe.


Many species are in crisis,  many are now close to being lost.  With a hope that our ethos and these creative works inspire, illustrate, and cultivate a connection to the natural world and what we can do together to help protect the beautiful flora and fauna of this planet.  


This is what inspires us to capture and create a tiny piece of this hidden reality. This is the fire that fuels our minds, spirits, hearts, and fills our passion for the creation of our paintings and their stories.


For a full look at some of our previous large installation commissions click here

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