Wild Worlds Festival at Chester Zoo 2018-2019

The Wild Worlds was a magical festival held at Chester Zoo to celebrate our planet's diversity with a special emphasis on Conservation. This included drawing attention to the ongoing and vital conservation work undertaken by Chester Zoo in the UK and Worldwide.


Chester Zoo is one of the UK’s top attractions and with the help of The Wild Worlds Festival, 2 million visited in 2018. Our work was designed & created to meet visitors & open the festival entrance, we created a festival ‘feel’, with special banners, animal ‘spirit’ flags & created 3 very large scale mural paintings.  These were then digitally rendered onto the bodies of life-size metal animal sculptures of a Rothschild Giraffe, Assam Elephant & Rhino. We worked alongside botanists, conservation specialists, and zoologists within the Zoo to create pieces that reflected & highlighted conservation efforts the zoo was undertaking. We worked from the IUCN red list for endangered species, using a theme of morning transforming into the night to illustrate some of the disappearing flora and fauna. This was done in a bright, colorful, and engaging way, to enchant, engage, and inform the minds of adults and children. We used the creations as a vehicle to begin a conversation with visitors, to talk about some of the most critically endangered animals and how on a local and global scale people can make a difference.

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As part of our Chester Zoo commission, we created entrance banners, animal flags, signs, and a beautiful window display to advertise the Wild Worlds festival. We were also commissioned to create a product range with proceeds going directly to conservation work the Zoo was undertaking around the world.  This included a range of Tote bags, notepads, coasters, pen sets and postcards.

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Invisible Dust for Hull City of Culture 2016-2017

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Invisible Dust commissioned us to produce an art piece for a large scale exhibit during the 2017 Hull City of Culture year. The exhibit OFFSHORE explored a theme of the sea and oceans which tied into the maritime heritage of Hull, the exhibit featured artists such as Martin Parr, John Akomfrah, China Mieville, Saskia Olde Wolbers, Mariele Neudecker, Phil Coy, Jonathan Baldock and many more. This was a hugely successful event attracting over 1million visitors to the exhibition.


For Oceanus Harmonica we wanted to produce something arresting & engaging, so produced a large-scale mural created from 22 individual oil paintings, exploring many themes from folklore, climate change, myths & monsters from the deep seas all interwoven with the thread of symbiosis and the need to protect our seas.  This was the theme that bonded together each of their stories. Oceanus Harmonica also had a hand gilded frame and told stories in a cartographical style, this art piece was designed to captivate the viewer with its beauty and scale. The deep blue sapphire color to be found on this work was hand made from powdered pigments, which were painted onto silver sheet metal to give the whole piece a rich vibrant shine. In the central circle, we painted microbes, plankton, and diatoms to show just how integral these microscopic creatures are to us and the overall health of Earth’s oceans. Each of the droplet circles that emanate outwards represents a very real & different story from our oceans. 

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Founder of Badgers of Bohemia Emily previously created a range of hand-painted print designs for Luxury British interiors brand House of Hackney.  These were placed onto a wide range of products including Wallpapers, Teacups, fashion, lampshades, notebooks, and many more products. She also worked on collaboration pieces through House of Hackney with Bombay Saphire. The print collection was used for a collaboration with Puma and had a product range in the world-famous London based store Liberty. 

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